Sweeping should only be done with a broom...
not by shoplifters sweeping products off your pegs!

At LockingHooks.com we have an extensive selection of security hooks, locking hooks, and secure hooks for your retail store. We provide solutions for your existing slatwall and pegboard. This allows you to lock up some merchandise within your retail sets. Our products are made to prevent shoplifters from sweeping the product off of your shelves. Also, the hooks are a great way to feel protected while helping other customers in your store.

Loss prevention and loss control are important concepts in any modern retail business model. Shoplifting and pilferage are a serious drag on growth. Shrink and shrinkage reduce not only inventory but profit and cash flow. Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and shoplifting are not restricted to the worst neighborhoods and poorest segments of society. ORC is affecting all neighborhoods and businesses. Anti-theft locking and security hooks can play an important role in your operations to help you stay profitable.

Unlike our competitors, we allow you to see the products and pricing online! At LockingHooks.com we don't think pricing should be a "secret".


Keys and Detachers are sold to businesses only. We will verify every order before we ship. It is critical that the keys and detachers are sold to businesses only. We may require proof of business such as a business license, Tax ID number, or other information before the order ships.